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A" Sobriety Friend" is needed to help you stay clean! Sometimes a friend that we grew up with may not be equipped to handle this type of circumstance. You can rest at ease knowing that we are trained professionals. We understand the importance of ongoing support, which is the main ingredient towards true recovery. Why do we offer our services in Bali? Well, is the best place on earth for rejuvenation. It is friendly, safe and the most beautiful environment to heal deep within. We are also a travel agency so we will plan a specialized activities itinerary for you recovery vacation.
In order to help you better we need to know what is your current struggle? There is no right or wrong answers. Is it Food, Anger, Drugs, Sex/Porn ,Cigarettes, Alcohol, or Nomophobia/Internet Addictions?
Do you feel urges to engage in your habit to get through the day? Has your performance at work, school, or home been affected by your habit?
Do you constantly think about the next time you will engage in your habit?
Has abusing substances interfered or caused problems with your personal relationships?
Do you experience withdrawal symptoms after not engaging in your habit for an extended period of time?
Do you remain intoxicated or too engaged in other habits for several days at a time?
Do you say or do things while engaged in your habit that you later regret?
Do you feel you have a strong family support system?
How committed are you to staying clean?
Do you consider yourself to be spiritual?
Or do you consider yourself to be a religious conservative?
Do you feel Bali is the best place for your recovery?